About SBC Exchange

SBC Exchange("SBC")
is not a bank or financing institution. We do not solicit, accept, or handle any loan or financial applications in any way. Nor do we verify or assure that any information provided by our users is correct. Instead,
facilitates a platform where financial institutions and small businesses can come together.
  • For Banks, Financing Institutions and other Lending Sources, we not only bring more potential clients, but, more importantly, enable you to filter more promising prospects matching your business requirements vs inappropriate ones far more quickly and efficiently with our automated and customizable search tools.
  • For Businesses or Entrepreneurs seeking financing, we provide a central platform where you can enter the essential financial details of your business position, plans and requirements. The profile you create on
    is accessible and searched by all our participating lending/financing institutions. In a nutshell, your financing request is available to many institutions you might never approach directly.

Our goal is to request and filter the essential business data required by Lenders to determine if they are interested in a next step. Typically, Lending Sources are so flooded with unsuitable applications that they often accumulate as slush-piles on the floor – maybe where some of yours are now.

Based on the information provided by applicants, and the calculations and algorithms generated by our software, our exchange platform helps to eliminate this problem to the benefit of both lender and borrower.

Who we are
Paul Kirkaas

Paul's background was Physics, but he has been deeply involved in Software Engineering for over 20 years.

He developed radar signal analysis software for the Defense Department in Pakistan, and Development Aid software for the UN in Central Africa.

He has sweated through several small start-ups, and huge enterprises like Disney.

Aside from his successes, he has seen almost every mistake that can be made. The breadth and depth of his professional experince ensure the quality, reliability and security of the platform.

J. Clinton Hill

Clinton has been involved in various aspects of the financial industry for 20 years, in the US, Asia & Europe.

In addition to his direct financial experience assisting clients, he operates several financial advisory websites. His influence is wide-ranging and a great asset to the company.